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Concepts for iPad

22 August 2012

In retrospect, it doesn't sound that interesting - but I promise you - creating this app has been fascinating.

It seems like nobody has taken the time to think out what a drawing app could be. Especially considering what is possible in a mobile app.

First though, why another drawing app? Honestly, while their technology is solid, I think all the existing apps suck. I can't create what I see in my head. "Isn't that user error?" you say, and I retort: "Apps aren't just for professionals - they should make things easier for me, the untrained-but-mildly-creative guy".

From a technical perspective, there are a million+ ways to do things. We were able to tweak EVERY SINGLE TOOL to make it better than the average sketching program. I think we've done it right. Leave a review of the app and tell me what you think.

Check it out ->

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